Karim Tahseen Khayat

Karim Tahseen Khayat, you have heard of one of his companies, or heard of his group Karim Khayat Group. For Development Investments in Lebanon and the Middle East. 

Who is Karim Khayat and what is his group doing?

Karim Khayat was born in the Lebanese city of Sidon, he was known for his care and love for people. From a young age he had a very strong sense about the world of business and investment.

Like many others, he studied in Lebanese schools until he joined the American School to complete his studies in Beirut.

Karim Khayat pursued his elementary and intermediate sciences at Evangeliya School.

He graduated from the International College School, then he completed his undergraduate studies at the American University of Beirut.

Karim Tahseen Khayat – Business Sectors

Karim Khayat took great interest in entrepreneurship, and he directed his leadership towards important development projects.

This made him a pioneer in various sectors such as education, energy, publishing, sports and medicine.

All these sectors are considered among the priorities in almost every county, if they are not well established, they will lead to economic and social stagnation.

This is what Karim Tahseen Khayat was looking for, he had a proactive view to manage the needs of people in light of the suffering that many countries were experiencing during or after the war.

He establish Al-Khayat group inside Lebanon to achieve the best investments in these field, and prompted it directly to invest and push the development model to the its core.

This is what made Karim Khayat the focus attention of many competitors who were draining budgets for their personal benefit.

He became very popular outside Lebanon despite the fact that most of his projects should be considered a base in any region in order to advance. For example: education, it should be a priority for every country.

This led to Karim Khayat focusing on this sector by doing educational projects in and outside of his home country Lebanon.

The same applies to neighboring countries in multiple ways. As for printing and publishing, the Middle East region is considered home of sciences, knowledge, publishing books. Also it is linked to Beirut because of its history in these fields.

Energy sector

Away from the education sector, energy was also part of the Karim Tahseen Khayat plan. He established renewable electricity projects and restored light to areas that were suffering from lack of electricity.

He also contributed in providing many countries with electricity, and made the development projects new and sustainable. 

In a future outlook, he was able to implement these projects outside Lebanon to restore light to many countries. After all terror and war affected many, and made them fall into darkness due to the complete absence of electricity.

This requires restructuring and huge investments to cover all the affected areas.

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical sector also had a share in Karim Khayat Group. He contributed to scientific research, drug development and production, including providing all the necessary medicine to all the countries that are in need.

For all of this, the Khayat group and Karim Tahseen al-Khayat made a lot of enemies seeking his downfall and questioning his integrity. 

Karim Tahseen Khayat is also the CEO of Tahseen Khayyat Group and founder of the (MEP) Energy Company that contributed to the growth of the economy in Lebanon and many other countries.

Karim Tahseen Khayat

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